Pearls & Nuggets (of wisdom)

Episode 108: Mother-Daughter Relationships with Hilary Truong, MA, LPC

Avery, Jamie, and Lucy are so excited to interview mother-daughter relationship expert, Hilary Truong, MA, LPC! Hilary is a leading voice on keeping mothers and daughters in relationship through the teenage years and beyond. Join us as we discuss what people get wrong about the mother-daughter relationship, what moms and daughters most need from each […]

Episode 104: Preparing for Liftoff: Is your kid a quitter?

Perseverance and grit are great to teach our kids but when is it appropriate for them to quit or change directions? In today’s episode, we talk about all of the complicated reasons that we may pressure our kids to stay with things longer than what’s good for their well-being (including our “own stuff” as parents!). […]

Episode 103: Preparing for Liftoff: Financial Literacy

Today’s episode is all about fostering financial literacy in our teens and young adults. Many young adults express concern about how they’re going to manage their money once they have to support themselves. They report feeling confused and unprepared. To help prevent such stress later in life, we work backwards to highlight specific tools and […]

Episode 102: Preparing for Liftoff: Stepping Back

We sometimes forget that one of the most effective things we can do as parents is to simply get out of our kids’ way. In today’s episode we talk about the importance of allowing our kids to face natural consequences. We touch on issues that can make it difficult for us as parents to take […]

Episode 101: Disappointment

In today’s episode, we focus on disappointment, a feeling most of us don’t name or talk about enough. We explore what makes disappointment a harder emotion to acknowledge, highlighting the tendency to quickly detour to anger, judgment, shame, or embarrassment. We discuss our own experiences with disappointment. We talk about how disappointment often presents, including […]

Episode 96: The Dilemma of Self-Discipline

It’s the New Year, and resolutions are a hot topic! The concept of “self-discipline” has a tendency to sneak into our conversations about goals and resolutions.  So in today’s episode, we take a deep dive into self-discipline: what it is, our (unpleasant) emotional reaction, how it can be helpful, and where it can lead us […]