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A 4-week program to upgrade your midlife



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Maybe you’re wondering what’s really going on in your body, your brain, and your life at this stage. You aren’t buying the whole “over the hill” bullshit, but you are noticing that you feel exhausted, lonely, and maybe even a little invisible. 

Are you a woman in midlife? 

We’re here to facilitate important conversations about midlife. We’re going to help you rebel against the tired tropes of being “dried up” in midlife. You’ll get access to tons of quality information, and we’ll walk alongside you as you reckon with where you are at this point, reclaim what YOU want going forward, and rejoice in the freedom, choice and power in this stage of life. 

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Think of us as your midlife: 

(Pick whatever imagery works best for you!)

There is so much change and transition in midlife. 
It matters. 
Your experience matters. 

There is so much change in midlife. 
It matters. 
Your experience matters. 

Learn about what's happening to you in midlife physically, psychologically, and socially. Rebel against the tired tropes of being "dried up" in midlife.

Do you find yourself asking "Is this it?" or "What now?" It's time to take stock and make peace with where you are...and where you're not. 

Get in touch with your power and reawaken your fire. Get clear on what matters most to you. Reclaim time, self, and relationships. 

Rejoice in the freedom, choice, and power available to you in midlife. Prioritize fun, joy, and pleasure. Clear the obstacles that interfere.  

Week 1:
Reorient and Rebel
Week 2:
The Reckoning
Week 3:
Reclaim your power
Week 4:
Rejoice in Midlife

We’re going to come together to talk about real stuff ...AND have a badass time!

Are you ready to upgrade to a 
Badass Midlife?



Badass Rebellion

Midlife Matters

Dates and Times



In person in Dallas or virtually


The Midlife Matters program costs $400. You can upgrade to Voxer access for an additional $97. 

A 4-week program to upgrade your midlife

The Inside Scoop...

Our goal is to build a community of women in midlife who can support each other as we venture into what matters during this phase of life. To facilitate connection and to allow ample time for individualized attention and personalized planning, we're limiting the program to 8 women.

Here's what's included in Midlife Matters: 
  • Four weekly meetings, each lasting 1.5 hours
  • Small group size to build connection and enable individualized attention
  • Workbooks for each session, including both helpful information and prompts for reflection
  • Guidance for how to apply this to your life right now

For an additional $97, you can upgrade to Voxer access for the duration of the program. Voxer is a messaging app, where you can easily send audio and text messages. We find this super handy, as we tend to need help and think of ideas while on the go when it's hard to write a proper email or have a full phone conversation. Voxer allows easy, asynchronous communication, so you get support as you need it. You'll be in a private Voxer group with Jamie, Avery, and Lucy.


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Week 1: 10/5

Reorient and Rebel

If you’re anything like us, you had access to some great info when you were going through puberty and beyond. We read a ton of books during pregnancy and again when it was time to talk about puberty with our kids. But where are the resources on the care and keeping of your (peri)menopausal body? We’ve scoured the bookshelves and haven’t found much, so we’ve pulled together some practical information just for you. We’ll talk about what’s really happening to our brains, bodies, and relationships during midlife and the menopause transition. We’ll also spend some time debunking some of the messed up messages we’ve received about the midlife years. 

Week 2: 10/12

The Reckoning

Ever have that feeling like “Is this it?” or “Now, what?” Many of us spend our 20’s and 30’s busy, busy, busy…striving, achieving, and being productive. It’s time to slow down, get still, and take a look inward. It’s time to come to terms with what’s so: with where you are and where you’re not. With who you are and who you’re not. It’s time to let go of all the shit that’s weighing you down and no longer serving you. We’ll help you take stock and make peace, which might include a little grieving. Reckoning points the way for what you might do with your one wild and precious life. 

Week 3: 10/19

Reclaim your Power

It’s about damn time to stop living your life for everyone else and start living for yourself. Reclaiming is about getting in touch with your power and reawakening your fire. It’s about getting really clear on what matters most to you. We’ll work to reclaim self, time, and relationships. We’ll talk about how to prioritize your time, ask for help, and set boundaries. 

Week 4: 10/26

Rejoice in Midlife

Midlife gets a bad rap as a time of darkness, gloom, and doom. We totally disagree! In this workshop, we’ll talk about all the reasons for celebration in midlife. We’ll explore (and experience) how we can prioritize fun, joy, and pleasure, and we’ll work to name and clear all the obstacles that get in the way. We’ve got some fun rituals up our sleeves and can’t wait to celebrate YOU!



Lucy,Jamie & Avery

We are 3 women in our 40's, all with PhDs in Psychology and years of training and experience in our private practices. And yet...

It still took us 4 decades to figure out how to stop putting ourselves Dead Ass Last in our own lives and embrace our Inner Badass. For over 30 years combined, we've helped successful and stressed-out women reclaim peace and ease, ditch their perfectionism, and reconnect with their sassy sense of fun and humor. We're here to challenge the belief that you should do everything in your power to "have it all." We believe that the harder you try to "have it all" the more you'll feel like you're never enough. 

Together, we’re creating a world where women have what they need to be successful, fiercely confident, at peace, and boundlessly joyful.

Frequently asked questions

We are psychologists, but we are not wearing our therapist hats during Midlife Matters. We come to this experience as teachers and guides. We are more than happy to provide referrals to local therapists if you're interested in therapy. 

Is this therapy? 

Absolutely! We want this to be accessible to all women in midlife. If cost is a barrier, please reach out to us via email at connect@badassrebellion.com for more information. 

Do you offer any scholarships or financial aid? 

We don't offer refunds but we'll try our best to work with you if something comes up. Just send us an email! 

What is your refund policy?

Great! Send us an email at connect@badassrebellion.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

I’ve got another question.