It’s getting people-y

Episode 43: Fighting Fair

In this episode, we talk about a variety of strategies that help us to fight fair. We start out by going through our “top ten” list: compromising, apologizing and making amends, acknowledging intent and impact, taking one for the team (without keeping score), accessing support from other sources, going to bed angry, taking responsibility, focusing […]

Episode 41: Healthy Relationships, Part 2

Today, Lucy, Jamie, and Avery talk about three key and interconnected ingredients for healthy, romantic relationships — closeness, connection/emotional intimacy, and friendship. We discuss what it means to be close and connected with your partners, the costs of intimacy, and we give pointers on how to strengthen intimacy and friendship in your romantic relationship. Do […]

Episode 40: Healthy Relationships, Part 1

In this episode, Jamie, Avery, and Lucy begin our podcast series on relationships. We start by reviewing changes in romantic relationships and how they have evolved across the decades, major reasons individuals divorce, and expectations that are placed on romantic partners. We then explore the love “chapters” in long-term relationships — early idealization, fall from […]